Finding A Financial Expert Has Never Been Easier

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The subject of finance is an all- important one in business. The quality of financial decisions you make either keeps you in or kicks you out of business. Making sound financial decision is both an art and a science. It is an art because it draws on the innate abilities, aptitude and intelligence of the decision maker. It is a science because there are certain principles, methods, techniques and theories empirically derived through experience, careful study and research that you need to bring to bear on your financial decision making in order to make your business a financial success. It is very rare to find business owners who are well endowed in the art and have the skill and competence that can only be acquired through learning the science of managing finances; yet it is so important to the survival of your business.


However there are organizations founded by individuals whose track record proves that they possess the two faculties of financial decision making- the art and the science. Such individuals with their financial decision making skill, on the platform of their corporate organization, offer to help businesses to overcome their financial management challenge. Organizations owned by such individuals offer consulting services covering financial advice on start-up financing, ventures capital, cash flow management, equity financing and raising funds from the capital market.

Milton Barbarosh is one person who deserves the title of a financial expert; his impressive resume well buttresses this. He has 40 years working experience in the financial services sector; in his long years of working experience, he has transverse virtually every sub- sector in the financial services world. He started out as an accountant for KPMG; he did also work with the Royal bank of Canada and JW Charles Capital Corp. A finance expert’s resume does not get any better than this. Having gathered all these experience, he set up a corporate platform- Stenton Leigh Group, Inc. (“SLG” or the “Company”) in 1989 through which he offers quality advisory services to clients. His establishment of Stenton Leigh Group, Inc was greeted with business consultancy deals from firms that have been tracking his progress as a staff in the different organizations he has worked for and recognized him as an asset and one of the best financial practitioners around. Over the years Stenton Leigh Group, Inc through the commitment of Milton Barbarosh to maintaining a good reputation, offering quality advisory service and professionalism have climbed in prominence and recognition to become one of the world’s best financial services consulting outfit. So you are beset by lingering financial difficulties in your business, steering an imminent liquidation in the face, struggling with your financial control system, lack proper accounting system, intending a start-up, looking for a sound financial management expert for your business, thinking of an expert to handle the financial aspect of your business’ project, think Stenton Leigh Group, Inc.

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