How To Find The Right Insurance Cover For Your Business

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This headline sounds so obvious, right? As if anybody doesn’t get the rigt insurance cover for their business – surely, everyone does, right?

Well, sad to say, there’s a very high chance you wouldn’t get exactly the right insurance over for your business in most cases.


Truth is, most people get insurance cover that ends up with the being either over-insured (they’re paying more money for cover that they don’t need) or under-insured (whilst they may have a good deal financially, the cover it provides is not sufficient for their business needs).

So how to find the right insurance cover for your business, you may ask?

Here’s the answer – trust a personal finance comparison website like Lending Expert.

By using a trusted, independent comparison site full of expert advice and the full range of insurance products on the market, you can ensure you only get exactly the right insurance cover for your business. No over-insuring nor underinsuring, instead just right – and at the right price.

How are sites like Lending Expert really experts at insurance and protection?

Several factors combine to ensure personal finance comparison websites become experts at protection and insurance.

Market Experience

Dealing with high volume of businesses, all with a wide range of business needs, brings a market experience that enables the sites to know exactly what customers need, and what product suits them best.


A personal finance comparison website like Lending Expert often has around 2,500 deals from the whole market place, so you can be reassured they have a wide choice of products to consider to match to your needs.

In terms of insurance, some of the wide range of products they provide are :-

  • Income protection
  • life insurance
  • professional indemnity insurance
  • business insurance
  • death in service life insurance
  • critical illness cover
  • mortgage payments insurance


True independence in personal finance matters is difficult to come buy – salesmen work off commission (often selling the best product for them, not you) or some ‘advisers’ are ‘tied’ to certain products (so can only offer you a narrow, small choice).

However, by trusting the market expert advisors at personal finance comparison websites like Lending Expert, you will truly receive the right insurance cover for your business.

Instant Response

Generally when you call or contact an advisor or provider about business insurance, they will take your details, review and then provide a quote in the post, perhaps a few days later.

Within minutes, you will receive the cheapest rates from a wide range of providers in minutes when you deal with personal finance comparison websites like Lending Expert.

Best Deals

As personal finance comparison websites compare products from all providers in the marketplace, you can be reassured the deals offered are the most competitive around.

When insurance providers offer their products to sites like Lending Expert, they know the customer is ‘savvy’ and therefore have to be ultra-competitive on rates to ensure a chance of a sale.

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