Need Of Financial Support For Orphan Children

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Some children grow without parents to guide them and are homeless. This situation poses a great challenge to society most especially that funding for homeless children are scarce. With these private organizations, foundations, charities and government agencies join forces to reach out and address the needs of every young orphan by providing them their basic needs. The following necessities and projects are in need of financial support for orphan children in order to help them live a better and happier life.

  • House/building Construction. It is important that children have a house to live in where they can be taken cared of, where they can learn and grow in an environment that will make them feel that they have a home and a normal life. It could be at the house of another family member or a distant relative or at an orphanage. Most non-profit organizations, foundations and charities aim to build a home for young orphans because many parentless children are also homeless. They need financial support to build a new home or build room expansion to welcome the increasing number of orphans and homeless kids every year.
  • Children need support for their food. There are funds provided for children in the orphanage but financial assistance is needed to sustain this basic need of the orphans especially that many of them that are brought in are undernourished. They need to be nourished through feeding programs and they would need a sufficient supply of goods for the kids to be fed daily.
  • Medical Needs. This is one of the basic needs of the orphans because children need health and dental checks regularly. Institutions have clinics in their homes to address non-emergency cases but financial assistance is needed because there are young children who need immediate medical attention especially those who were born with disabilities and complicated illnesses. Funds to cover for such are not enough to support and cover necessary medical expenses. Additional funds are also needed to provide a supply of basic health needs like medicines, bandages and other things needed for first aid kits
  • Every child is entitled to get quality education. Most orphan homes provide education to children from primary to secondary level and they need additional support in sending these children to colleges through scholarship programs. There are companies, schools or organizations that provide free tuition and assistance by providing allowances, book allowances or subsidies for their other needs while they are studying but any extra help will go a long way.

There are a lot of opportunities to help these young children. The government and the private sectors are also working hand in hand to address these challenges but individual support is also needed. Child Support Agency also gives financial assistance to orphans living with their relatives who want to adopt or be a foster parent to these young kids. They help in giving advice on how to manage finances in raising young orphans and also extends financial assistance to ensure that the needs of the child are sustained. To know more option on how you can help, dial CSA contact number at 0843 116 0043.

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