Benefits Of Crypto Tracker For Real-Time Crypto-Currency Investments

Benefits Of Crypto Tracker For Real-Time Crypto-Currency Investments

The crypto-currencies are popular in the financial market as a way to generate income, mainly for those who are low cash earners. Crypto-currency or better known as the digital money is based on the blockchain technology. This technology creates the digital ledger to various sorts of assets like the money, properties, vehicles, stocks and other tangible properties. The Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency used by people all over the world. As these digital monetization platforms are becoming too accessible to people all around the world, people should realise their benefits as soon as possible.

For making the cryptocurrency transaction easier and hassle-free, companies like the Krypto Graphe has come up with the free cryptocurrency portfolio manager software that is having lots of advanced features like not limited to the FIFO based accounting, portfolio insights, account management etc. Along with these features, the portfolio manager also has lots of useful characteristics like having great dashboards and metrics, regular updated news etc. Users can also view the current condition of the CoinMarketCap Top 100. This software is available in 13 languages. The software crypto tracker is available in download version; you can use it both in IOS and android platforms.

Here are some of the features explained-

Portfolio management

With the help of the software, the users can get a detailed view of where the portfolio stands like the profit, loss and the percentage growth. The users can get an easy view with the help of the coins and the exchanges.

Good performance

With the help of the software, the users can know how the portfolio is performing against all other investors to know the real time performance. The users can have an idea of all the investors, investors belonging to the same country, top 25 investors, etc.

Help you to stay updated

The team of news consolidators help the users by providing the latest news and updates on what going in the digital currency world and the digital currency blockchain with the help of 3-5 news and posts each day.

Create, Sync and Maintain Altfolios

Unlike the other apps that allow the users to add the altfolios manually, the crypto tracker provides the facility of auto-sync and makes your life easier than before. You can also get benefitted by the upcoming features where you can add more exchanges when you want.

Show where you stand

Almost all the apps available in the market stop showing the ranks of coins. But, in this app, you can get an idea where the numbers are standing and also show the position where each Coin can rank in the future on the 1D, 1W, 1 M, and 1 Y systematically.

With all these features and facilities, the crypto tracker is gaining much popularity among the bitcoin traders. This app is available in various language options. You can choose the one that you can easily use. Download the app and start monitoring your portfolio. Now, you can invest safely and track much more closely.  Use the best cryptocurrency tracker and manage your altfolios now with easy features and great benefits.