How To Withdraw Your Funds From Bookmaker Accounts?

How To Withdraw Your Funds From Bookmaker Accounts?

Are you planning on withdrawing your funds from Bookmaker accounts?

If you were engaged with Australian Bookmakers, then let me tell you that you will not have that much problem in withdrawing your account.

This is because the Australian government attaches certain kind of requirements to the license of a bookmaker that make sure that all punters funds can be easily withdrawn when it is requested.

But, not all the countries are like Australia, and not all them have such strict requirements for offshore gaming licences. If you are getting enrolled with such offshore bookmakers, then this blog is for you.

Well, it is always suggested that you should thoroughly research about the offshore bookmakers before depositing money, in order to avoid problems. If you do this, then you will probably have a pleasant experience with the bookmakers.

However, I am here writing this blog to guide you when in rare chance, you encounter problems in the process of withdrawing account from an offshore bet trader or any other related issues. Below are some points that will help you to know how you can troubleshoot such kind of issue.

Step #1

Before you make the decision of directly contacting to the bookmaker, you are suggested to check that no problem or mistake has been done from your side that can lead to the problem.

Read about the sports arbitrage properly, so that you can find out if the issue is from your side or from the bookmaker’s. This will help to save your time eventually.

Step #2

If you have a problem related to a missing withdrawal, go through the terms and conditions around withdrawal specified by the bookmaker. Also, check out the bookmaker’s identity verification to be ensured that you have followed the agreement or instructions as per the conditions.

For example: While dealing with some bookmakers, you will be required to have certified copies of identity/verification documents. These documents will be posted to those bookmakers in order to allow your withdrawals.

The identity verification done by offshore bookmakers require you to mail the scanned copies of official documents to their security team. The documents that need to be emailed will be consisting a utility bill, a photo ID, a transaction statement of the medium you used to deposit the money, etc.

If you are right on your part and meet all the bookmaker’s condition, then move onto the next step.

Step #3

If a bonus offer is claimed by you, then you should review and check out the bookmaker’s terms and conditions stated for this, and for the turnover requirements of subsequent winnings. It is important for you to meet the turnover requirements for the deposit and any winnings.

After making sure that you meet such requirements, you can request a withdrawal.

Step #4

Another important thing you should keep in mind is to ensure that the information you have provided for the withdrawal is correct. Check out if the eWallet/bank account details you input is right.

Also check if your bookmaker needs you to withdraw to the same account that you deposited from, as many bookmakers do so.

Step #5

Do not rush things! I know you want the work to be done as soon as possible, but it is important to give the bookmaker an appropriate amount of working days, so that your request can be completed properly.

Expect delays if it is a holiday period going on. During such days, there is a lack of business days and/or staff, so the process may take a little more time.

You can find many bookmakers are as responsive as pinnacle sports, allowing the withdrawal within 5 minutes. While, some bookmakers might take a few business days to process a withdrawal request.

Therefore. Have a look at the guidelines of the bookmaker, regarding the withdrawal timeframes. If your withdrawal has not been befallen inside the specific timeframe, then you can decide to contact the customer support.


It is suggested to contact the customer support of your bookmaker via phone or live-chat. Also, do not forget to record the contact details with the customer care representative you spoke to. You should have a polite conversation with the customer care person for easy going withdrawing process.

Do not contact customer support so frequently, as it can expedite a withdrawal.

Step #7

If you have come so far without having any resolution to your issue, then I assume there was a certain problem in contacting the bookmaker or customer support regarding your problem.

I also assume that your bookmaker account might have got suspended and you are not able to login it. This might bring a big risk to your funds. To get your funds back, the only chance you are left with is to lodge complaint with the bookmaker rating agencies.

Step #8

If your problem still remains unresolved, then you should make an official complaint to the gaming authority, which the bookmaker’s license comes under.

While contacting with the authority, explain your issue in detail, provide transaction history and screenshots of your conversation with the customer support. You can then hope the authority to solve your problem soon.

These were some of the troubleshot points that can help to withdraw your funds from bookmaker accounts. By keeping these points in mind, you can begin the withdrawal process easily.

About Autho: Content curated by Mauneel Desai, an expert having cross-industry experience in technology, investment management & financial services.