Phillipe Conticini Opens New York Bakery To Rival All Others

Phillipe Conticini Opens New York Bakery To Rival All Others

Deciding to enter the world of New York eateries is a big decision, ‘the big apple’ is known for being a food capital of the world, home to hundreds if not thousands of cafes, restaurants, bars and bakeries but French patisserie chef PhillipeConticini has taken the plunge and announced the opening of his newest venture, La Maison De Makoto.

Set to open in New York’s West Village on Barrow Street, Seventh Avenue South, La Maison De Makoto is proposing to be a unique fusion of French, Japanese and American cuisines, creating a bakery unlike no other in the area.

The new bakery will be located in a 3,000 square-feet location in the heart of West Village and will comprise of two floors, the lower floor will be home to the bakery and an eat-in area for customers while the top floor will be reserved for private events.

The Men Behind La Maison De Makoto

Leading the culinary side of the operation is obviously world-renowned French patisserie chef, Phillip Conticini; not his first business venture, Conticini has multiple shops in his chain of ‘La Pâtisserie des Rêve’ baker chain, with stores in France, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi and at one time, London. Conticini started his culinary career in a fine dining restaurant in France and his current bakeries are an outlet for him to perfect traditional French bakes.

To ensure the success of his New York bakery, Conticini has paired with hedge fund manager YomiRodrig, who has invested £2,000,000 to the business to assist his son Andrea, who is Phillipe’s official business partner for this new bakery. Rodrig is highly experienced in the world of investment and has promised to not just offer his money to this operation, but dedicate his time and guidance to it as well.

What’s on Offer at La Maison De Makoto?

In a bid to standout from competitors, the theme of the bakes available at La Maison De Makoto are unlike anything currently available in West Village, if not New York as a whole. The unique and innovative fusion of French, Japanese and American flavours has created an imaginative menu of sweet and savoury treats.

The centre of attention at the bakery is set to be the traditional mochi with artisan gelato, while other options include Japanese inspired pastries and salty bites, as well as an extensive beverage menu.

To appeal to the latest demands in the American food market, La Maison De Makoto have made a whole host of promises when it comes to the ingredients they use, including using all natural flavours, no artificial sweeteners or colours and RBST & RBGH free milk and cream. As well as all the above, there is also promises of gluten-free options and the confirmation that the bakery is kosher certified.

First Stop New York, Next Stop the Streets of America

Thanks to having an expert in investment behind the operation, the plans to expand the La Maison De Makoto change are already being discussed. While the flagship store has been opened in New York, there are already plans in place to convert the bakery into a street food stall which can be showcased on street corners all around America.

As well as wanting to create a way for all Americans to grab French and Japanese bakes on the go, there is talk of a second permanent La Maison De Makoto bakery being opened in Boston, over 200-miles away from the New York location.

The Response of the Locals

New Yorkers are a crowd of discerning food critics, so finding something that is going to satisfy the demands of this hard to please market is bound to be difficult, but so far it seems as though the locals are happy with the new addition to West Village.

As well as being featured in online news website NY Eater, the LMDM Group Instagram has accumulated over 1,500 followers, all of whom seem to be eagerly awaiting the latest news and updates on the new bakery.

If you want to pick up a tasty baked treat in New York that is a little different to your usual donut, then head to La Maison De Makoto for a French/Japanese fusion.