Singapore A Safe Haven For Gold Investors

Singapore A Safe Haven For Gold Investors

Singapore is now the new safe haven for those investing in gold.

In modern times, go the price of gold has increased about 30%. This increase in gold has new investors looking to cash in on the gold. Two new business ventures have been created to make investments in gold easier for those that seek to invest.

Ventures in Gold

These new platforms helps interested investors buy, sell and store their gold. One of these businesses is SK Bullion. Investors can use SK Bullion to store their gold as well as build a spear. These new businesses make investing in gold practical for the 21st century. Companies like SK Bullion seek to bridge the gap between the traditional methods of gold investment with newer ideas about investing. These kinds of platforms help to inform those who may not know individuals and institutional investors alike.

Trading Online

Platforms like Gold Silver Central operate on the Interned and offer investors a trading system for physically backed gold, platinum and silver. One of the more noticeable benefits of platforms like these is the ability to trade at all hours of the day. Being able to trade during the New York and London Time zones is what these platforms hope to offer to their customers. Having the opportunity to purchase easier entry points makes investing a lot more lucrative for interested clients. Additionally, these e-platforms give clients the alternative of small contract sizes starting at 1/10 ounce for platinum and gold and five ounces for silver.

Gold in Hand

Physical gold is gaining popularity amongst investors. Local jewelers in Singapore have found that physical gold is a more popular choice for investors. Many investors prefer the traditional method of transactions rather than using internet platforms. Having physical-related investments increases a sense of stability that paperless transactions do not.

Following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, a local store saw an increase in customers both in person and online.  With the spike in gold prices, a lot of people are selling their jewellery. Similarly, this spike in value indicates to some investors that there is potential for the value to go higher. Many investors are choosing to purchase gold during this period.

Physical Gold- Pros and Cons

While many people still prefer physical gold to selling online, investors will have to deal with the issues that come with maintaining an investment in physical gold. Clients will have to deal with storage costs and insurance fees as well as other additional measures that must be taken to protect a physical investment like this one.

Potential investors interested in gold that are looking for alternative options can consider purchasing gold futures, gold exchange-traded funds, stocks of gold miners or opening gold accounts in banks.

With the political climate always changing, it makes sense to take advantage of precious metal investment while it is still on the rise. Whichever method of investment one chooses, it is good to remember to always invest wisely and know when it is best to sell.