Which Silver Bullion Should You Buy?

Which Silver Bullion Should You Buy?

Purchasing silver bullion is usually in three distinct forms; ingots, rounds or coins. If you are an established investor you will already have your favorites but novices might wonder what the differences are and which will give them the best return for their investment.


  • Ingots are also known as bars and are in the familiar “gold bar” shape. They are hallmarked and are relatively easy to stack when being stored. They are issued by both private and sovereign mints.


  • Rounds look incredibly similar to coins as they carry a pictorial design. They are only issued by a private mint. They take up little storage space.


  • Coins are issued by sovereign mints and carry a legal tender value apart from the Krugerrand of South Africa.

Factors To Consider

When opting to purchase a particular form of silver bullion investors have to be aware of where they are making their purchases from to safeguard against counterfeit goods. International customs fees can lead to an additional expense and purchasing a recognised brand or source is also important. Safe storage can become an issue if an investor hasn’t thought through this aspect of investing sufficiently. Brand reliability or rather where the bullion hails from is a factor with many investors preferring to put their trust in sovereign mints. Novices can be unsure which privately issued rounds or bars are the most reliable.

Tax And Counterfeits

Investing in silver bullion in the form of coins can become more complicated due to the values of the various coins involved. Some coins command a higher price than others due to the number that have been issued. There are various rules and regulations to consider with a tax being levied on international purchases. Counterfeit coins are often offered at a temptingly low price. Government issued coins will have features that help to combat such criminal activities but again, you need to know what to look for. It is an unfortunate fact that some purchases made from private individuals on the open market have resulted in investors eventually discovering their silver bars are actually hollow.

Who To Trust

Anyone making an investment wants to be confident that they have purchased silver bullion that is reliable and trustworthy. Choosing to make purchases through a registered, respectable dealer is considered the most safe option for investors whatever their level of experience. To ensure your silver bullion investments are honest and secure, contact Indigo Precious Metals.