Working In Hotels & Their Challenges

Working In Hotels & Their Challenges

Everyone loves to visit a good hotel full of friendly staff and high quality service. However, most of the time, it has been found that they come back home not happy. If you are interested to join the hotel and hospitality industry, you must have a people friendly attitude so that guests come home with a memorable experience. Not only will they be happy but they will share their experiences with others and more people will start coming to the hotel for a pleasant stay. A good hotel not only makes vacations memorable but is also stays in your heart forever.

Professional with eye for detail

When it comes to hotel management and administration, Patrick Imbardelli often cites the above to every newcomer to the industry.  He says that the hotel industry does seem daunting at times with all sorts of guests coming in with varied expectations however with the right training and skill, you can excel in becoming a popular figure there. Now, if you are looking for a career in the hospitality industry, you should have certain personality traits to make it big.

He has been instrumental in the success and expansion in one of the biggest luxury hotel chains in the world- The Pan Pacific Hotel Group. He says that when it comes to hotel management and administration, you should be committed to your job. There are long hours of standing and at times your day can become quite exhausting however it is very important for you to know and understand that people come to hotels for comfort. This comfort also means a smiling face and good behavior with care. The target of every hotel employee is to create repeat business where the guests keep on coming back over and over again.

Developing skills with time

He says that the above skills of managing guests well cannot be developed in one night. This is the reason why he guides and trains them when it comes to taking care of guests and their needs. At the same time, he says that with the right guidance and mentorship you actually can become an indispensable asset to the industry. He undertakes the onus of guiding and training newcomers as and when required. He gives them tips and shares experiences of his more than 30 year stint with the hotel and hospitality industry in the USA.

Communication skills also form a salient part of your job he says. This is why you should improve your communication skills and have the right attitude for service. This in turn enhances your tone and approach to the customer or guests. It helps you in a large way in your career.

Patrick Imbardelli also says that you should be patient and tolerant with difficult customers. They come with high hopes and expectations. If you are patient and allow them to vent out, you will be able to manage things better. The irritated customer or guest has nothing personal against you – it may be a service he  or she is annoyed with. Manage the customer or guest with patience and compassion, you are bound to win his or her confidence, he says!