5 Lessons You Can Learn From Amazon.Com, The Experts In Customer Service

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Amazon.Com, The Experts In Customer Service

Work with your team to emulate the Amazon philosophy in your customer service training, call center training and Australian sales training courses, and who knows what your team could achieve.

The latest results from the U.S. Customer Satisfaction Index latest have shown that Amazon.com is the champion in internet retailing.

Amazon’s amazing CEO, Jeff Bezos is the prime mover of an organization that has adopted the philosophy of honestly and sincerely caring for customers.

He has taken on these working ethics and built the company based on an unwavering commitment to serve the customers well.

With something like 164 million satisfied clients and customers, who would argue that Amazon is it when it comes to customer service training

So as you plan your next Australian Sales Training, Call Centre Training, Customer Service Training and Sales Management training in Sydney and Melbourne we can all benefit from Amazon’s tremendous success by looking at how you and your team can embed the following 5 points into your everyday operations:

1) Continually look for ways to respect and understand today’s customers.

In the competitive world of 2015 take them for granted at your peril

With the Internet giving customers a voice to make their opinions public, prospects are now listening to peers and experts by doing a lot of pre-purchase research online.

Through the growth and perceived credibility of social media, unhappy and/or unloved customers will post their complaints on the social media networks

So don’t sit back and think last years way of working will make you successful next year.

Work with your teams to develop ways to engage more effectively with your customers and show them that you care (The nice thing about this customer demand is that they’re generally willing to pay more for superior service)

2) Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.

As your people in sales and customer service strive for new goals in response to customers, don’t settle for average.

Customers today are connected practically every day and talk to one another, referring companies that give a better and more satisfactory experience.

So set your benchmarks and standards high as you will be amazed what your team can rely achieve

For a real life example of an organisation who won’t settle for mediocrity check out this Linked In recommendation below from Martin Wren the CEO of NOVA Employment

3) Don’t focus on your competitor; Focus on your Customer.

Forget worrying about how you can beat your competition.

Instead find out what your customers need, what their concerns and issues are, and what keeps them awake at night

Then work hard to resolve their issues and how you can retain your customers by making them more successful, happier and committed to you.

4) Don’t just talk about creating a customer-centered company. Actually do something about it

An organisation the KONA Group worked with last year had “Customer First” values posted all around their office walls

However the behaviours employees unconsciously demonstrated were more focused on hitting departmental targets than helping customers

An example was the Marketing Department smashed their target of number of enquiries generated.

However the enquiries were 95% from tyre kickers who were never going to buy!

So align every department’s KPIs directly to the acquisition, growth and retention of new and existing customer, instead of functional KPIs.

5) Don’t be ashamed or afraid to apologize.

Making a mistake can be pretty frustrating and almost humiliating.

Yet an open ‘confession’ that you screwed up, with a true, heartfelt apology will serve as a testimony that not only you or your team, but your organization cares about your customers’ needs.

Call them snippets of a great working philosophy as at Amazon.com, under its customer-centric leader Jeff Bezos, they live and breath them.

So work with your team to emulate them, and weave the Amazon philosophy into your customer service training, call centre training and Australian sales training courses, and who knows what your team could achieve.