Claiming Tax Back After Leaving The UK

Claiming Tax Back After Leaving The UK

There are not many things in life we like better than a tax rebate from the taxman, is there? After all that one-way traffic of paying HMRC and filing tax returns, it’s refreshing to know we can claim tax back isn’t it? Even better is when you’re leaving (or have left) the UK, that knowing you could soon be claiming tax back.

Even if you resettled up to four years ago, there’s every chance you could be entitled alto a tax rebate. In fact, there’s a high chance that the UK tax office owes almost everyone some tax back.

If this sounds unbelievable, let us put some figures on the table.

According to Tax Rebate Services,  they have a 98% success rate with their ‘leaving the UK’ tax rebate service. The average tax rebate to clients in these cases was over £900. Not to be snuffed at, hey?

Why you could be due UK tax back

Although there are many reasons why you could be due a tax rebate after leaving the UK, some examples are:

  • if you finished working in the UK up to four years ago,
  • if you pay UK Income Tax and work in another country
  • if you live abroad and have income from a UK pension or rental property on which you are still paying UK Income Tax

Who you should use to claim tax back after leaving the UK

Whilst many accountants and businesses may promise to be able to claim your UK Income Tax back after you’ve left the UK, it’s always better to use established specialist services like Tax Rebate Service.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should Tax Rebate Services :-

  1. Guaranteed MAXIMUM leaving the UK Income Tax rebate
  2. All tax returns will be completed for you
  3. Trusted for over 15 years by UK expats and overseas visitors
  4. Professionally regulated and fully qualified
  5. Specific ‘leaving the UK Tax Rebate’ specialists
  6. All correspondence will be handled on your behalf

Finally, perhaps the most compelling reason to use Tax Rebate Service and their ‘leaving the UK Tax Rebate Service’ is their ‘no rebate, no fee policy’. If you are not entitled to any UK Income Tax rebate, you won’t be charged any fees.

How to apply to claim your UK tax back

The simplest and quickest way to apply for your tax back is to use the form on the website at Tax Rebate Services.

If you prefer to email or telephone, all contact details are on the Tax Rebate Services website.

Conclusion : why are you still waiting to claim tax back after leaving the UK?

So there we have it – the why, the how to and the who – so why are you still waiting to claim tax back after leaving the UK?

Remember, Tax Rebate Services offer :-

  • a specialist ‘leaving the UK tax rebate’ service
  • a 98% success rate
  • an average rebate of over £900
  • a ‘no rebate, no fee’ promise