Different Ways To Make International Calls Cheap

Different Ways To Make International Calls Cheap

Most of us have to make international calls for varying reasons. It may be due to catching up with friends and family members, colleagues or even calling for business purposes. International calls can be expensive, especially if you want the convenience of being able to make calls whenever you like from all your devices. So how do to make cheap international calls?

Here are some ways and means to makecheaper international callsand in some cases totally free international calls…

Calling from your mobile using an online account– This is probably the newest and most innovative way to make cheap international calls.  Services like Cheaper Calls give you local numbers for all your international contacts so you can make international calls using your inclusive minutes. They charge a tiny fee per minute starting from less than 1p / 1 cent.  You just register online and add a contact to start making calls from your mobile, really easy.

Talk through your PC- For this, both the caller and the person to be called need to have internet access to their PC’s, you need to arrange when you will be calling so the other person is there. Using a headset you can talk to the other person though voice or video. It’s great to speak to people face to face, even though they may be on the other side of the world however there can be connection issues and the call quality isn’t always great. 

Calling through calling apps-Some calling apps enable you to make free international calls if both you and the person you are calling has the app downloaded.  You will need a data connection in order for this to work but even 2G or free Wi-Fi is suitable.  It’s very easy as you have the convenience of calling from your mobile phone any time you want. 

Call through your home phone- There is yet another easy option that may allow you as well as others in your family to talk over phone at international level. For this, you have to use the facility provided by the overseas ‘override’ phone companies. It is again done so as to offer the facility of international calling to the users, right from their home phone. Such companies offer international calling at considerably reduced rates. For this, you may either call directly through your home phone or through your user account number. This way you may call anyone abroad at considerably cheaper rates or even sometimes totally free of cost. There are many options for this. You just need to choose one that seems to be most apt to you.