Here’s Why Mortgage Refinancing Is Good

Here’s Why Mortgage Refinancing Is Good

When anyone applies for a mortgage, they agree to the rates with a term known in the finance sector as the introductory period. This introductory period will end, and that can happen within two to ten years from the mortgage being applied for by the borrower.

When the introductory period ends, the borrower will have to start paying off the debt with the standard variable rate that the lender follows. In almost all cases, the SVR of a mortgage provider will be two times more expensive than the rate a borrower had to pay when their mortgage was in the introductory period.

Is There Any Way Around This?

Indeed There Is!

One has to apply for mortgage refinance services offered by all leading lenders. As soon as one refinances their mortgage, they will be offered a new introductory period, given they are refinancing their mortgage at a new lender.There are more benefits in store for people who refinance their mortgages. Some of the most appealing ones are as follows-

Remortgaging Is The Ideal Approach When The Market Price Of A Property Goes Up

When a borrower decides to remortgage their home, the lender will reassess the debt amount against the property’s market price. This assessment will reflect on the mortgage’s LTV or (Loan-To-Value). LTV is the primary data point that the lender will refer to while deciding on the interest rate for the mortgage after assessing the risk associated with the case.

With that stated, it is no news that the prices of homes in the UK go up every ten years by three per cent. Hence, if the market price of the borrower’s home has gone up, then the LTV of the mortgage associated with it will let the borrower get a lower interest rate from their lender. Therefore, refinancing a mortgage will allow homeowners to benefit from this clause and save a lot of money.

It Is As Simple As That!

Remortgaging Allows One To Clear The Debt Quickly

Remortgaging can also help people pay off their debt before the tenure of the same is complete. For example, there could be instances where a homeowner gets their hands on a bunch of cash and decide to pay off their mortgage before the tenure ends. But this decision comes at a price. Paying off debt before its tenure compels one to pay more than their mortgage. Furthermore, most lenders don’t allow their clients to pay the debt before the tenure is over.

Home loan refinance services from a new lender can help the borrower from overpaying their mortgage to keep this situation at bay. Moreover, most home loan refinancing services carry minimal or no overpaying charges. Hence, it is an intelligent move from all angles.


Refinancing a mortgage has many benefits, but one can get the best results when making informed decisions. For expert advice, one should consult with the mortgage official at their preferred mortgage service provider as soon as possible.