Business 101: 5 Things You Need To Run A Successful Jewellery Cleaning Business

Business 101: 5 Things You Need To Run A Successful Jewellery Cleaning Business

Jewellery revolves around each person’s day to day, whether you’re simply going to work, a party, or out to eat, you always need that extra bling to complete your outfit. Some people can’t even leave the house without their favourite watch, necklace, lucky bracelet and so on.

And because these essential pieces of jewellery are used ever so often, it becomes a ‘need’ to clean them from time to time. Not cleaning your precious pieces can lead to discolouration, dirt and grime build-up, a foul smell and so on.

That’s why jewellery cleaning services have become essential. They offer quality services you can’t simply do at home. Plus you can guarantee that your jewellery pieces are cleaned right. Cleaning them yourself can be cost-efficient but can put your jewellery at risk of getting damaged.

Knowing this, you now have an idea why jewellery cleaning services are a great business to go for. Plus if you do great good, you’ll have loyal customers seeking your services annually and even monthly.

So if you’re thinking about opening a jewellery cleaning business, down below are tips to run a successful one!

A Concrete Business Plan!

Any business you choose to open requires you to have a business plan. Starting a business without one is like going to war without a gun! So before getting permits, before promotions and before getting equipment, come up with a reliable business plan.

What Does A Business Plan Consist Of?

A business plan covers all aspects of your business from start to end, so when coming up with an efficient business plan, you need to have the following:

  • An executive summary.
  • Your company’s description.
  • Your organization and management plans.
  • Your business’s market analysis.
  • What services and products do you offer.
  • Financial projections.
  • Your company’s funding requests.
  • A plan for marketing and sales.

An Online Presence!

Today, everything is online! From grocery shopping, working, attending classes and even advertising. That’s why it is essential to have an online presence for your business. This will reach more people, make it easier for them to see what you have to offer and even contact you.

How Do I Move My Business Online?

An effective way for businesses to reach people online is by having their own website. People will be able to see what you have to offer, how much it costs, and make purchases from your site.

You can also choose to have a business profile on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and more. Since these are apps people spend most of their time on, your chances of getting interactions are pretty high. Plus this allows people to visit your profile and see what you have to offer without getting redirected elsewhere.

You can also choose to create an account on popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Best Buy and so on. This is a site people go to when they’re searching for things and services they need. And placing your products and services there can be a great convenience to your customers as well as your business.

Get Your Business Insured!

This is one of the common mistakes of most starting or small businesses and it’s overlooking the importance of business insurance. Insurance is made to protect your business from various aspects such as property, vehicle, health, staff and so on.

Running a business without insurance is like going to war without armour. And even if you’re careful and cautious, dangerous occurrences can still happen anytime! And whenever these occurrences do happen, with insurance you can guarantee you’ll be covered.

Plus as a starting or small business, the first few months and years are the most crucial! That’s all the more reason to get your business protected as soon as possible!

What Insurance Coverage Can I Get For My Business?

Business insurance can cover an array of things, but depending on your business’s needs, it may vary. For a starting or small business, most seasoned entrepreneurs will recommend you get sme business insurance.

Sme business insurance is made for small to medium-sized businesses and just like any other business insurance coverage, you can tailor this based on your company’s needs. To give you an idea of policies you can get, here’s a list:

  • Cyber Liability Insurance – Ideal for online businesses and companies with online extensions.
  • Property Insurance – Protects you from damages caused by fires, floods, vandalism and so on.
  • General Liability Insurance – Protects you from lawsuits filed against your company for bodily injuries or property damage caused by your product or service or had occurred within your premises.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – Protects you from lawsuits filed against your company for negligence and error caused by your product or service.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Protects your company vehicle from damages caused by vehicular accidents.