How To Schedule A Report In Salesforce?

How To Schedule A Report In Salesforce?

The changes made to the data in Salesforce over a period of time can be created into an automatic report for easy management. We will discuss here how to schedule a report in Salesforce to be sent out periodically via email to the desired recipients.

How to schedule a report in Salesforce?

The very first step is to run the report for which you like to schedule the updates for. If you have not used the history tracking tool before, you can learn how to create those reports. Go to the top of the list and there is a button having the title Run Report. Open the drop down tab and select the “Schedule Future Runs”. A window appears which allows you to having your schedule reports updates customized. If you need to send the reports to other recipients too, you will need to deselect the “Email Report: To me” option and then select the option- “To me and/or others”. When this is selected additional options appear on the screen. If this does not happen you need to check your browser settings and enable the option of pop-up blocker not enabled. Now you can search and select the recipients you want to add to the option of receiving reports.

Now in “Schedule report” section, you have got the option of getting the reports daily or weekly or monthly. Set the time frame when you want the report to run. Then you need to select the time of the day when you want to receive the report. It should be noted that the time options and exact starting time depend on the job queue activity. Save the report modifications and click on “Save Report Schedule”.

All recipients and other settings in the report can be changed anytime by just restarting the process and selecting “Schedule future runs” tab. You will get a new button appearing and giving you the option to “Unschedule the report”.

Benefits of scheduling the reports

Thus you may have understood now how to schedule a report in Salesforce. This is a very important functionality provided by the Salesforce which is actually very beneficial for working in Salesforce. The above mentioned process of how to schedule a report in Salesforce is really easy to learn and execute. By scheduling a report you can easily stay up to date on whatever data you want to have. You don’t need to pull up each report individually as Salesforce will do automatically for you after you set the process. This saves a lot of time of yours and the reports are automatically sent to you and the other people you want.