Investment Management Online

Investment Management Online

There is a discretionary investment management service that utilizes your funds as part of our wider investment strategy. You are able to personalize your portfolio before making a deposit, with the option to manage your investments online and make withdrawals at any time once you are set up. You’re given the peace of mind that your investments will be well looked after, without the time and stress of actively managing them yourself.

The whole process is completed online from making your initial deposit to reviewing your investments and withdrawing any returned profits. So how exactly does it work? So, in simple words we can say that Nutmeg is front to back investment management platform. You can simply get and manage an intelligent investment portfolio here.

We understand your needs

The first step is for you to tell us a little about yourself. Before you can start managing your investments online, we need to know how much you would like to invest, how much risk you would like to take, and your expected time-horizon for the investments. We can then provide you with a diversified portfolio that suits your needs while offering the best chance of returning a profit.

We invest in the assets that suit you

Our team of experienced investors base our overall strategy on a variety of assets from a range of industries across the globe. For example, we may look to invest your funds in government or index-linked bonds within both the United Kingdom and United States. These assets are considered to be low-risk because they have never previously been defaulted, and often offer protection against inflation.

Alternatively, your funds may be invested in equities – stocks and shares in some of the largest and most successful companies in the global market. It is unwise to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to investments, as many tend to do when it comes to large companies, but our team of analysts are continually monitoring your portfolio to minimise the chance of a loss. We constantly track price changes, business reports and a number of other economic indicators to protect your investments.

You monitor your investment online

At Nutmeg we believe in total transparency, which is why you can review your current investments at at any time. We don’t use jargon and we’re very clear with our fees, so you’ll know how your investments are performing and how much you’re paying at all times.

You can also choose to withdraw your funds at any time. There is no charge for our regular withdrawal process, although we also offer two faster options which will give you quicker access to your funds at the expense of a small fee. This is because we pay trading costs on all investments, and may also be charged by your bank for a faster payment.