Kanat Sultanbekov On Increasing Brand Value

Kanat Sultanbekov On Increasing Brand Value

Branding is an essential part of the business. Without proper branding, it is difficult to gain client trust. For this reason, businesses invest both time and money in increasing brand value. However, some industry does not agree with others and hesitates to spend time on branding. The construction industry is famed to be a fierce and brutally competitive industry. It is filled with so many talented professionals that the industry has turned into a highly aggressive one. Those who work in the construction industry usually value personal networking and insist on expanding personal contacts. They tend to ignore the need to develop brand value in the market. However, the recent pandemic situation has forced many construction companies to face some challenging situations. Due to this reason, construction companies are slowly waking up to the need to develop highly valuable brands.

Kanat Sultanbekov is a well-known construction business consultant. He has worked with a lot of companies as a construction project manager. Kanat has seen a lack of branding and promotion in the construction business. He says that people are not willing to spend time on branding because personal networking gets immense value in this industry. Some businesses stick to their old clients and rarely make a move forward. Kanat says that it is not the right approach in this age because without branding one cannot gain the trust of the world. Also, to expand the business, companies need funding. Investors don’t invest in promises, they invest in brands. Therefore, it is essential to invest in brand value rather than anything else.

Creating A Strong Brand

Creating a strong brand is not as difficult as it seems to some business owners, says Kanat. He has helped many companies in developing their branding strategies. Construction is a brutally competitive industry. For this reason, marketers need to put additional effort to turn a construction company into a brand. They also need to work hard to increase the brand value of the already operating companies.

A brand is a promise that one makes to the world. For this reason, the brand message should be carefully developed. Kanat says that when a brand message gets established, it becomes difficult to remove it. For this reason, marketers need to develop the brand message keeping in mind its long-term effect.

Kanat says getting personal always works when it comes to branding. For this reason, one should not fear telling their stories to the world. People liked to know about the brands they use. Therefore, personal stories always work in attracting potential customers.

Professional Approach

The construction industry deals with various other industries. For this reason, why need to show professionalism in branding promotion. From the brand’s website to the brand’s logo, everything needs to look professional. Kanat says that before getting business, a company needs to become memorable. People must remember the brand and trust its approach.

Kanat Sultanbekov says that the objective of branding is to stand out from the crowd. In this market where a new company is emerging every day, a unique approach always helps in increasing brand value.