Paul Favret – How To Prevent Air Pollution In Daily Life

Paul Favret – How To Prevent Air Pollution In Daily Life

Air pollution is a serious issue in today’s world. Polluted air is causing severe damage to planet earth. For this reason, everyone must do their share to improve the quality of air and prevent air pollution. Some pollution comes through industrial wastage which is beyond human control. However, there are some types of pollution that people can control. If one wants to save nature, one can take immediate steps to prevent air pollution.

Paul Favret On Air Quality

Paul Favret is an environmental expert who has worked with many organizations and participated in air quality improvement. Paul says everyone has a responsibility towards the environment. For this reason, everyone must do their share to make air quality pure and fresh.

To prevent air pollution, one needs to understand where the air pollution comes from. More than 80 percent of air pollution takes place due to roadside activities. People don’t follow legal limits and cause air pollution. Also, old cars cause air pollution at a massive rate. For this reason, people need to understand their responsibilities and work hard to prevent air pollution.

Road traffic is increasing every day. Due to this reason also, air pollution is increasing. More cars on the road mean more pollution. Air pollution does not only harm nature, but also human health. Breathing in polluted air cause serious damage to the lungs. Therefore, it becomes important for people to understand the intensity of the situation and attempt to prevent air pollution at any cost. To do so, people can take many measures. Given below is a quick list to consider when it comes to preventing air pollution. Experts like Paul encourage people to learn and take immediate action.

Reduce Car Use

Reducing car use is one of the ways to reduce air pollution. Because cars are the major causes of air pollution, reducing car use, and increasing physical activities help in reducing pollution and improving the quality of air. Paul encourages people to start walking or using bicycles more to contribute to nature. Reducing car use not only reduces air pollution but also reduces expenditures. Finding a traffic route is also a way to prevent lung damage due to breathing in polluted air.

Car Sharing

Paul says that instead of giving up car use completely, one should start sharing cars which will reduce the number of cars traveling outside and reduce air pollution. Many cities are introducing car-sharing schemes for a better environment. This is going to make a huge difference to nature.

Replace Energy Supplies

Air pollution takes place at home as well. For this reason, everyone must check whether they are contributing to air pollution or not. If someone finds that pollution is taking place in their home due to the residential energy supplies, they must attempt to replace the supplies immediately.

Paul Favret says that burning things at home also causes air pollution. Therefore, one needs to reduce this habit as well. Solid fuels like wood burning and creating open fires hugely contribute to air pollution. Therefore, one must avoid this at any cost.