Make Your Money Stretch Further With Fleet Van Insurance

Make Your Money Stretch Further With Fleet Van Insurance

A van is essential to the business needs of tradesmen, such as builders, plumbers and electricians, or indeed for any profession that needs to transport tools and specialist equipment.

Vans are also used to transport goods for retail businesses and service providers.

Whatever the purpose of your vehicle, it makes sound financial sense to seek out the best insurance deal possible to make the most of your asset.

Fleet van insurance – the benefits

Save time and money – If you own more than one van, whether that be two, three or twenty, your best bet at saving money would be to take out a fleet van insurance policy. This can prove incredibly cost-effective when compared to how much you might spend on individual policies for each vehicle. You can also insure multiple drivers, providing you with the flexibility your business needs to be productive and successful.

Keep your cargo safe – Many fleet van insurance providers will offer courier insurance. If your business specialises in delivery, this could prove invaluable should the goods get damaged in transit.

Protect your tools of the trade – The items within your van are also valuable, especially if they allow you to carry out your daily work. Some commercial van insurance policies (for fleets and for individual vans) will offer you cover protecting the contents of you van, which may seem like an extra cost but could save you a large amount should you suffer an accident or the van gets stolen.

You can pay as you go – In some industries, the number of vans required may increase or decrease across the year. Those who use vans as transport in tourist hotspots are a prime example and holiday seasons may also be a trigger point for needing more vans on the road. If you find that you need less wheels on the road during the off-season, you may benefit financially from a pay as you go van insurance policy.

Some things to remember

Clean driving licences are best – Fleet van insurance can differ in cost depending on the number of vans which make up the fleet, the type of vans you run, and the people behind the wheel. Drivers with at least two years’ experience on the road and a clean driving licence may mean a cheaper premium.

It is also worth noting that, as with car insurance, drivers under 25 included on van insurance policies tend to cost more to insure.

The right van for you – Finally, consider the make and model of van you wish to purchase and do some research into how much it may cost to insure. Just by carefully considering the type of vehicle you run, you could save money on van insurance.

If you’re still unsure at to the best plan for you, learn more about the specialist van insurance policies available and compare van insurance quotes here.