Surprising Recruiting Tips For 2018

Surprising Recruiting Tips For 2018

It’s 2018, and last year’s recruiting tactics may no longer be effective enough to help you attract top talent. Stay in the game with these surprising recruiting tips to use this year and beyond.

Make Technology Your Ally 

Technology is constantly evolving and improving, especially in the finance industry. The most forward-thinking financial professionals want to keep up with ever-changing technology, but may not have the resources to do so. If you offer training in cutting-edge financial software, you’re more likely to attract the brightest, most driven minds to come work for your company.

Take Advantage of High Churn Rates 

In 2018, there is expected to be a continued imbalance between labor supply and demand. As unemployment rates drop, churn rates are expected to increase. You can take advantage of the situation by hiring workers for temporary or temporary-to-permanent job openings in finance.

Re-evaluate Salary Offerings 

Now that the economy has largely recovered from the latest recession, employees expect somewhat larger paychecks. You’ll have an easier time attracting top industry talent if you re-evaluate your salary offerings and increase your compensation. You can be sure your competitors are doing the same thing this year.

Use Staffing Firms

Recruiters who use staffing firms like Beacon Resources have an advantage over the competition. Not only do they have access to a larger pool of capable workers, but they also have to worry less about keeping up with local regulations because the staffing firm does it for them. Employment agencies are required to monitor any changes in local and state regulations very carefully and are a great resource to use.

Contact a Recruiting Agency Today 

As a recruiter, your main responsibility is to find the best job candidates available and convince them to work for the company you represent. Hiring a recruiting agency like Beacon Resources can take some of the hiring burden off your shoulders and give you access to a pool of qualified candidates.