Top 4 FANG Stock Options Trading Strategies

Top 4 FANG Stock Options Trading Strategies

Today’s FANG investors are rather aware of the lack of reliability in this market, but there are certain arguments in favor of bullish strategies for Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and Alphabet.

Facebook (FB)

Facebook stock is more appealing as a “hold” rather than a “buy” suggestion. The wavering price action is probably good for bullish strategy because of its hefty year-to-date gains.

FB stock is also becoming more popular now because of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent abandoning of an unpopular stock reclassification plan. Overall, this FANG stock option has performed well in 2017, with plenty of odds of the butterfly finishing in-the-money.

Amazon (AMZN)

Another popular FANG stock option is Amazon. While it’s had certain shortcomings, AMZN is still expanding throughout the US, and it has plenty of support. A recent corrective move of 13% along with current testing of an uptrend support line is a good spot for bulls to scoop up some shares. You can also choose a more risk-averse spread via AMZN stock’s options market.

Keep in mind that if the testing doesn’t hold, the 13% correction may not bring the best luck for bulls. However, if shares fail on a technical level the certain and low risk is a great benefit without any need to worry about larger losses.

Netflix (NFLX)

Throughout the last few months, Netflix shares have been on a tear. Netflix’s price action has helped push the company to gains over 52% for the year. The increase in popularity of NFLX stocks puts it in a V-shaped or cup base formation. Price extensions could also potentially attract bearish shorts and profit-taking.

If you’re looking for a long NFLX stock position, you’re better off waiting for some more price chart consolidation, but using a modified bullish fence is a good strategy to use for this option.

Alphabet (GOOGL)

The last FANG stock to consider is GOOGL. Alphabet has recently made a deal to buy a section of HTC’s smartphone assets, which challenges GOOGL stock’s 50-day simple moving average.

A lateral support line and converging uptrend, along with a supporting and flattening Bollinger Band, suggest the bulls may re-enter the FANG stock, but you’re better off waiting for a modest price confirmation.

Make the Right Choice with FANG Options

Regardless of which of these FANG options you choose, each of these is predicted to be a lucrative opportunity. You’ll be able to see the predicted behaviors of these options and make the best decision based on the directions in which they’re headed. Whether you select FB, AMZN, NFLX, or GOOGL, you’re likely to see these continue to increase in popularity while providing many benefits on both the upside and downside for each.