What Subaru Stands For

What Subaru Stands For

It’s hard to see the word ‘Subaru’ without immediately thinking of ‘full time all wheel drive’. As pioneers of all-wheel drive vehicles, the Subaru brand has an excellent pedigree. Long acknowledged as a serious contender on the rally circuit with many ‘firsts’ to its credit, including securing the Manufacturers World rally championship titles 1995, 1996 and 1997; the Subaru Impreza WRC has since continued to inspire and excite along with their extensive range of quality cars from the Subaru stables to the present day. Among the wide choice of top quality vehicles Subaru offer, the Subaru Forester, with its choice of Subaru Boxer engines, is a typical example of how a compact, modern SUV should be.

If you’re considering a vehicle purchase, you owe it to yourself to check out what the Subaru Toronto dealers have to offer. As well as a class leading range of vehicles, Budds’ Subaru can arrange finance, provide Subaru auto parts and advise on a host of Subaru performance related issues. You’ll find the people at Budds’ Subaru have a wealth of product knowledge that they are happy to share in a non pressured and relaxed environment, providing you with the information you need to decide which car is the right choice for your particular needs. They even have a really luxurious customer lounge with gourmet coffee, perfect for when you are waiting to speak with a  representative.

Legend has it that the CEO of the company that manufactures Subaru, named it thus because he had “been cherishing in his heart” the word Subaru, which is the name of the Pleiades star cluster in Japanese.This nicely sums up the  eccentricity and quirky mentality behind the Subaru brand, they are cars  designed to stand out from the crowd and just like stars their performance shines.

Subaru boast a variety of models that can be suited to numerous personalities and lifestyle types; ranging from sensible sedans to more extroverted sports cars. If you decide to invest in a Subaru you will want to weight up the pros and cons of the various models available and plan ahead. Think about how much you want to spend and how you will be using it, if you will be commuting on a straight road to the office every day then a large off-road SUV may not be the most practical choice, likewise you won’t need a boy-racer car if you are starting a family. If you are struggling with your finances choose a value for money car like the Impreza, or consider buying
second hand.

Whatever you decide on, Subaru is synonymous with a fun, adventurous driving experience that never fails to impress. When you are ready to choose your next car; for quality, reliability, and award winning performance, Budds’ Subaru are a top dealership choice. They have the complete range of both new and used vehicles for you to check out, as well as first class service and a range of Subaru auto parts.