What To Look For When Searching For An Injury Claim Solicitor?

What To Look For When Searching For An Injury Claim Solicitor?

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you are probably thinking about making a claim for compensation. Financial compensation is there for anyone who has been injured through no fault of their own. Injury claim solicitors are the people you should turn to at this time, so you get the best advice moving forward.

But how do you choose the right injury claim solicitor? Here’s what to look out for when searching for injury claim solicitors:

  1.   Experience

You want an experienced solicitor to represent you to maximise your chances of claim success. Your solicitor will preferably be somebody who has practiced law for a couple of years at least and somebody who has handled cases similar to your own. For example, a road traffic accident solicitor will be better placed for your whiplash injuries than a solicitor who usually handles slips, trips and falls.

  1.   Reputation

In London, everybody knows who the top lawyers are. But across the UK, no solicitor is so well regarded that they get all the best cases. Instead, you should be looking at law firms and their reputation, not individual solicitors. All the best personal injury solicitors’ work at national law firms and it is far easier to judge your potential service by the reputation of a law firm rather than individual solicitors. Google “law firm + reviews” to see what’s what.

  1.   Manner

When looking for an injury claim solicitor, it’s important to choose somebody who you are comfortable talking to. Their manner plays a huge role in this. Are they friendly and understanding? Do they show empathy and a passion for personal injury law? Choosing a solicitor based on this is highly recommendable, because they will work their very best to get you the compensation you deserve. They will bend over backwards for you.

  1.   Testimonials

If you want to get a true sense of how good a law firm or a solicitor is, then you should look on their website or within their marketing material for testimonials. Not all solicitors’ publish these, however, which isn’t exactly a great start. There’s nothing stopping you from asking for references though, and most solicitors will be happy to oblige, so long as they are not breaching client-solicitor confidentiality.

  1.   Openness with regards to no win, no fee

No win, no fee agreements stipulate that should your claim lose, you won’t have to pay any of your own solicitor’s fees. But did you know you may still be liable for the other side’s costs? The law firm you contact should make you aware of this fact and it should be apparent from your point of first contact. Honesty and transparency are traits you should definitely look out for when searching for personal injury lawyers.