Worldcore – The Easiest And Convenient Way To Make Financial Transactions

Worldcore – The Easiest And Convenient Way To Make Financial Transactions

Worldcore individual account has been a multi-functional financial instrument for various individuals. It would convert the management of your payments into pleasure. It would work in a convenient and quick manner.

Easily understandable, advantageous for personal finance

Worldcore service has been working round the clock. It has been an easy and convenient interface along with a large set of high-skilled customer service and helping materials. All you would be requiring to initiate would be to open free Worldcore Individual account with merely a couple of clicks. You would be required to pass the verification of your identity in order to comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Client) needs.

Approval has been guaranteed within 48 hours, as the company would receive residential address proof and identity proof from individual account holder.

Instantly after verification, any account holder would be given the access to all financial services provided by Worldcore. You would get paid through bank wire directly in your Worldcore account. You could also apply for Worldcore prepaid debit card in order to convert the available balance into cash, withdraw or purchase any supported e-currencies to any bank account, MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card or Worldcore prepaid debit card. You could also send multiple currency bank payments for various services and goods. All these aforementioned actions would take merely a couple of seconds at Worldcore. In addition, all kinds of payments made between Worldcore account holders would be done instantly and free of charge. You could learn more on the website.

Protection of every account in the system

The security of Worldcore account has been designed in a manner that all outgoing payments would need additional single time code authorization that could be completed by e-mail or SMS. It would be strongly recommended for usage of free SMS authorization option for enhanced security. The system has been running on a secure and encrypted connection. It would make Worldcore service comfortable and safe. In case, you wish to make use of various Worldcore services, you would be required to open a free individual account and start enjoying a wide range of financial services offered by Worldcore.

A panorama of Worldcore opportunities

Among the several services offered by Worldcore, wire transfers made both local and international have been made easy and convenient. In addition, Worldcore has been offering its customers with opportunities such as:

  • You would be able to accept bank payments for your goods or jobs to bank details as provided by Worldcore.
  • You would be able to purchase, sell or pay for various services or goods from Worldcore account balance.
  • You would be able to make free internal payments to different Worldcore account holders.
  • You would be able to buy any supported e-currencies from your Worldcore account balance.
  • You could fill your Worldcore account with supported e-currencies and withdraw funds in Euros or US Dollars to any bank account or MasterCard or Visa debit or credit cards across the world for a significantly low fee.

You would be given the opportunity to order a number of Worldcore prepaid debit cards for transforming your account balance in cash at several ATMs anywhere in the world with a couple of clicks.