Landscaper’s Insurance: Protecting Your Assets And Your Company

Landscaper’s Insurance: Protecting Your Assets And Your Company

Finding a good landscaper can be difficult sometimes as many landscaper’s may not be as trustworthy as you would like. There are many that will do the best job possible to ensure their client’s happiness. Even if a business is trustworthy, there may come a time when an accident occurs or a malfunction with equipment used. Because this can happen to any business, it is important to carry insurance to cover different issues that may arise during the running of a business. Several types of insurance are available to protect a landscaper’s business from liability, their equipment, personal injury, and even theft. Using the services of Bolt Insurance can provide your company with all the needed insurance to keep your business running smoothly.

Why a Landscaping Business Should Have Insurance

Many things can go wrong during the process of running a business. While your employees are working, they could accidentally run over some property of the client. Or, a piece of equipment could malfunction while on the job. Then there is the possibility that your employee could get hurt on the job; or even the client. Maybe on the way to the job, an accident occurs and the company vehicle is damaged in the process. For all of these scenarios, having insurance can cover any losses or damage that happens. Any of these instances can end up costing the business a lot of money and can hinder its ability to efficiently function on a day to day basis.

Types of Insurance a Landscaping Business Should Have

The most basic insurance a landscaping business should have is general liability. Just about every business obtains this type of insurance to protect their investment from potential lawsuits that can happen. Another type of liability insurance that is needed is employer’s liability. This protects the business from employees that may sue the company for either injuries or discrepancies in payment. If an employee does become injured, it is important for the business to have worker’s compensation insurance to assist the injured employee during their time of need. Lastly, there is insurance needed to protect the company’s physical assets. To protect the tools and equipment, there is insurance called inland marine. This covers all the equipment used to complete each job. Then there is commercial auto insurance that will protect company vehicles in the event that they are damaged. The fact that all of these things could happen while running a business is exactly the reason insurance should be held to protect the business. The other benefit is that these different insurances can be tailored to each business for the type of work they do. Either way, it will save the company a lot of money should any situation arise.

While all of this insurance may seem like it would cost a lot of money, the potential cost of all the equipment and liabilities involved with running a business can cost a whole lot more. Allowing the insurance to handle the financial end of any situation that may arise can allow the business to continue running and collecting revenue.