Release Your Seized Car From The Compound

Release Your Seized Car From The Compound

Releasing your seized car from the compound essentially talks about the cars that were impounded by the police. The crux is that different countries have different rules governing the release of the impounded cars. Hence, you should know the laws of the land before you proceed for releasing your seized car from the compound. After all, knowledge is power to you and it will summarily guide you here on what to do for the fast dissolution of the case.

Key areas of releasing your seized car from the compound:

We present a general overview here befitting the case.

  • Police station handling your case: You should know at the first place that NOT all the police stations are authorized for dealing with the impounded cars. Only a handful of police stations have the requisite authority for the purpose. As such, your primary duty is to attend the particular police station that issued the seizure notice.
  • Seizure notice: The officers involved for the seizure of your car will issue you a seizure notice. You must collect it since it will have all the relevant details as regards the seizure of your car. For instance, the notice will have the information of your car being seized from the place, reason, and where it will be taken post the seizure.

Once the notice is issued to you, the police approved towing company will take your car to the designated police station where it will be kept until you take it beckon the resolution of the case within 14 days from the date of the seizure.

  • Stamping of the seizure notice: This is an important part of the releasing exercise as it accords you with 7 days extra. You must personally visit the designated police station with the seizure notice for the first stamping within 7 days from the date of the seizure of your car. It will then authorise you further for 7 days for producing the relevant papers and getting the car released from there.
  • Nominating the third party: After stamping of the seizure notice, you must visit the police station where your car has been kept. Post that you can nominate a third party for collecting your car on your behalf.
  • Seized car insurance: Your general insurance doesn’t cover the liability against the seized car. For this, you need to take seized car insurance. You must, therefore, speak to an insurance company at this stage that specializes in Insurance for seized cars.
  • Releasing the car: This seized car insurance is a pre-requisite for releasing your car from the compound. Because, you have to carry this insurance for the seized car to the police station where your car has been held. The compound staff will check the relevant documents and will release your car on satisfaction and realisation of the money towards penalty and fees.

Releasing your seized car from the compound, therefore, looms large on the seized car insurance. Have it in advance for your safety!