Road Accidents At Night: Why Older Drivers Are More Likely To Be Involved

Road Accidents At Night: Why Older Drivers Are More Likely To Be Involved

Australia is not the worst country to be a driver, but accidents still happen here and there though. No place is accident-proof, and that being said, it is the duty and responsibility of all motorists to take safety precautions whenever they are behind the wheel.

Car accidents are not uncommon in many parts of the country. In fact, according to available statistics, thousands of Australian drivers and pedestrians get killed as a result of traffic accidents. Because of this, it is very important for motorists, especially those who are beginning to reach their senior years, to mind their actions while on the road not only to protect themselves but also other people.

Traffic accidents, according to studies and some SMSF life insurance professionals, are more common to happen during night than day, and more likely to involve older drivers. Although traffic situation is much lighter during night, accidents are more likely to happen due to several factors. Some of the main causes of accidents at night involving older drivers include but not limited to the following:

  • Motorists who operate their motor vehicles at night are very likely to have limited vision. They may not be able to see through the end of the road because of the darkness, making them susceptible to accidents. According to a study, around 90 percent of a motorist’s reaction and reflex depend on his or her vision. It was also found out that color recognition and peripheral vision are weakened in the dark. As it is, when the driver’s vision is compromised, his or her ability to react to sudden changes in the traffic situation is likewise compromised.
  • It is natural for many people to feel sleepy when it gets dark, same goes to drivers. Motorists who travel at night are more susceptible to drowsy driving, especially those drivers who did not get good enough sleep before hitting the road. At night, drivers tend to be exhausted, making them to feel drowsy. When a person feels sleep while behind the wheel, he or she will likely lose focus on the road, making him or her vulnerable to accidents.
  • When a driver is under the influence of alcohol, his motor skills, logical reasoning, and senses are compromised and weakened, making him or her vulnerable to traffic accidents. More people drink alcohol at night than day. As it is, intoxicated driving-related accidents are more common to happen at night than at day. Statistics suggest that majority of night traffic accidents are directly or indirectly associated with drunk drivers.

There are ways to avoid car accidents at night. If you cannot help it but to drive at night, make sure to follow these tips:

Do not drink and drive – The most effective way to avoid drunk driving is never to drink or even sip alcohol before driving. If you really need to drink, then have a designated driver or just ride a cab.

Get enough sleep before driving – If you need to travel at night, make sure that you had enough sleep so you will not get sleepy while driving. In case you really need to take a nap to recharge yourself, then you would want to stop in a safe spot and take a quick nap.

Check vehicle before travelling – Make sure that your vehicle’s lights are working fine for you to see the road even when it is dark. It is also advisable to wipe the dust and particles off your car’s headlights, taillights, signal lights, windshield, and windows to have a clearer view of the road.

Mind the traffic signs – Always observe traffic laws. Make it to a point that you are following the traffic signs and signals as well as pavement markers. These road signs will serve as your guide.

By following these tips, you can be miles away from a traffic accident. Never forget to prioritize your safety while on the road even if you are covered by SMSF life insurance, and always subscribe to safety measures to avoid injuring yourself and other motorists.