Tricks & Techniques for Finding Cheaper Car Insurance

Tricks & Techniques for Finding Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance prices are at an all-time high. Unfortunately though, if you want to drive a car on the road there is no getting around the fact that you will need to have insurance to cover yourself and, at the very least, third-parties in the event of accidents or injuries.


So, how can you try and lower your annual car insurance quotes?

Try getting third party only quotes

Although in recent times it actually seems to be more affordable to opt for fully-comprehensive policies, if you are a young driver (i.e. 25 years or under) then, if you have certain circumstances, it could be cheaper just to choose a third-party insurance policy. This only covers the other driver if you are involved in an accident with someone and it was deemed your fault. They can then use your insurance policy to claim for any damage to their car or injuries they may have suffered. You cannot get any damage to your own car repaired this way however, so it is a particularly good policy if you only own a very cheap car that isn’t worth getting fixed.

Think about the car you drive

Cars with smaller engines, older vehicles and lower value cars are all more likely to get cheaper car insurance quotes, especially if you are deemed as a higher risk driver. Often, vehicles with engine sizes of 1.4 litres or less are cheaper to insure due to them not being able to achieve as fast speeds on the road.

Fit a car alarm

A security alarm fitted to your car can drastically reduce the cost of your annual insurance premium. For the best savings, get one that is approved by That cham – an industry recognized car alarm maker. The risk of theft to your vehicle is deemed to be far less with one of these fitted, meaning your car is less at risk of being stolen and therefore having an insurance claim made against it.

Name an older driver on your policy

If you are a young driver, or even a slightly older driver who does not have much experience, perhaps because you have only recently passed your test, it can be beneficial to add an experienced, named driver to your policy. It’s important that they are the named driver, and not added as the main driver of the vehicle – this is called ‘fronting’ and is illegal and can result in your policy being made void if caught. However, an experienced named driver can cut a couple of hundred pounds from the total annual policy quote.

Don’t be loyal to one insurer

In this day and age there is very little reward for sticking with one insurance company. Every time it comes up for renewal, you should use comparison sites and/or visit a load of insurance companies direct in order to get some quotes. Doing this can save you hundreds of pounds on your renewal quote; if your current insurer cannot match the new price then it’s well worth ditching them in order to save yourself lots of money!