What are the Unique Ways to Settle Medical Debts?

What are the Unique Ways to Settle Medical Debts?

Are you planning to settle or consolidate your overwhelming medical bills? You have to either choose medicalbill consolidation or settle your bills. You’re required to notify the creditors that you want to settle your medical bills. Remember, you need to provide evidence that you are undergoing financial crisis; otherwise the hospital may not agree to settle your bills.

Here are a few smart tips to settle your medical bills to attain financial liberation:

1. When the hospital gives you the medical bills, then you are required to check the bills sincerely. This can help you locate any erroneous entries in them. The hospital may charge you for the wrong process or may bill for something on the wrong date. Make sure you immediately notify the person responsible for the billing, regarding the error in the bills. Try to remove the erroneous entries from the bills before settling your insurance claim. It may help you successfully settle your claim with the insurance company. You are required to keep a record of this review procedure and notify the hospital along with the written documents of the erroneous entries.

2. You are required to check whether you qualify for grants from the hospital. In this situation, you need to submit an application for financial aid, if you are looking for financial help. There are many private hospitals those are sponsored by the religious institutions. These hospitals often offer help to the patients who find it difficult to pay the medical bills. If you come under the 200% of the federal poverty level, then you can avail charity care offered by the US Department of Health and Human Services. You can negotiate with the management of the hospital to set up an affordable payment plan for your medical debt.

3. If you have medical insurance, then apply for insurance settlement with ease. In case, your medical insurance does not cover for certain procedure, you can request your doctor to mail the insurance company to support your claim. Hire the services of a lawyer to successfully settle your medical debt, if you are not successful to deal with your insurance company.

4. You can provide evidence of your financial crisis in the hospital to lower your medical bills. The hospitals may not agree to settle your medical bills unless you provide evidence of your financial hardship. Once you provide your required documents, you can design a repayment plan. The repayment plan needs to be prepared with mutual consent of the hospital authority to avail hospital financial aid and government assistance.

5. If you are unable to settle your medical bills, then you can file petition with the bankruptcy court. You can discharge your medical debts by following proper procedure for filing chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The court appointed trustee may liquidate your non exempt assets and fund can be distributed among the creditors. You are required to find a proficient lawyer who can guide you through the process successfully.

Therefore, you’re required to keep the above mentioned steps in mind to settle your medical bills.