FTA in Speed Limiters Call

FTA in Speed Limiters Call


One of the best ways of getting the most attractive commercial van insurance quote is to have a clean license and avoid things like speeding fines.Now the Freight Transport Association (FTA) says such penalties could be more easily avoided if manufacturers included free 70mph speed limiters on all new vans as standard practice.

A statement the organization issued this summer said that manufacturers should be supporting commercial fleet managers by providing these speed limiters at no extra charge. The association also stressed that the move would slash fuel costs.

The FTA’s chair commented: “In simple terms, a van which travels at 80mph is going to be consuming a great deal more fuel than one being driven at 70mph. We think that limiters should be installed as standard, or at least offered as a free optional extra.”

The organization added that the use of speed limiters had little effect on how long journeys took, and that other benefits to fleet managers included cheaper maintenance and repair costs and reduced stress for drivers.

Managers from one logistics firm agreed with the call from the FTA, saying that, in any event, it was not suitable for businesses to rely on their drivers breaking the law to meet delivery deadlines.

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